Book review – The Attack by Yasmina Khadra

The scene is set with a suicide attack at a restaurant with children in Tel Aviv. We are then introduced to an Arab/Israeli doctor, Amin Jaafari. Going about his duties at the hospital following the attack, he is summoned to identity the body of the attacker as it might be his wife.


The story follows a heartbroken Amin trailing the last place his wife visited, who she interacted with, reconnecting with families, in a effort to find out, why? His journey through cities in Israel and Palestine is no easy fit and left me frustrated as there was seemingly no answer in sight. I liked the character development of the protagonist. We saw different sides of Amin, from strong and determined in his search to completed broken and stripped off his courage upon meeting “them”.


The last 2 chapters gave me the closure I needed although i had to research on the Arab/Israeli conflict to better understand the story. The Attack is thought provoking in its themes of faith, identity and love.


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